Facebook offers file sharing service

Facebook offers cloud storage service

While Microsoft plans to fly high with SkyDrive, Google and Apple have their own cloud storage services, Google Drive and iCloud respectively. Dropbox has become the love child for millions of users within a year.

Now add Facebook to this list. File Sharing is Facebook’s new venture.

Today, Facebook launched its new file sharing feature to all groups with limited access to get into cloud storage space. Even though, developers like you and I might not use it a lot but for an average non-techy savvy user who is already on Facebook every day and every hour that makes more sense. Now, not only they share their social (whatever you call it) activities and photos, but they can also share their files and documents.

So what does that mean to other cloud storage service providers including Microsoft, Google and Apples? Well, it may not impact these big three a lot but it will definitely impact DropBox. 

Microsoft has much ambitions plans with its latest but in-beta operating system Windows 8 and its cloud storage service SkyDrive. 

Google is automatically pushing its Gmail users to Drive and Google+ so I can see Google Drive being integrated with Google+.

Apple already provides its iTunes users the iCloud storage. 

DropBox does not have other services  like Microsoft got its Windows operating system, Google got its users and search engine, and Apple got its products.

So what? Time will tell. I see DropBox is being used by professionals and business users who do not take Microsoft, Google, Apple and Facebook so seriously for their file sharing and storage. But I see it also impacting LinkedIn. I can see LinkedIn adding a file sharing and storage service to its offerings and then what?