First Ever mmWave 5G Antennas For Smartphones Released

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. has released the first fully integrated 5G NR millimeter wave (mmWave) and sub-6 GHz RF modules for smartphones and other mobile devices ensuring a major boost to networks and ultimately a better service to the users.

The solution was previously considered unattainable. mmWave has not been used on mobile devices yet because of the very basis of the design of such devices. The basics of the devices’ engineering, materials used in making them, form factor, etc. make working towards attaining such network almost unfeasible.

The issue was solved by using the Snapdragon X50 5G modem along with the QTM052 mmWave antenna modules. QTM052 is as small as a penny and according to Qualcomm, it can effectively connect the device with the nearest 5G tower.

Following the release of the mmWave 5G Antennas, the president of Qualcomm Inc. said,

Today’s announcement of the first commercial 5G NR mmWave antenna modules and sub-6 GHz RF modules for smartphones and other mobile devices represents a major milestone for the mobile industry. Qualcomm Technologies’ early investment in 5G has allowed us to deliver to the industry a working mobile mmWave solution that was previously thought unattainable, as well as a fully-integrated sub-6 GHz RF solution. Now, these type of modem-to-antenna solutions, spanning both mmWave and sub-6 spectrum bands, make mobile 5G networks and devices, especially smartphones, ready for large scale commercialization.

This is a huge advancement. 5G can prove to be revolutionary in its field and the solution can open many doors for its specific sphere. According to Qualcomm, we can expect to see the first ever devices with their 5G antennas as soon as 2019.