First Official Blazor Preview Released

Microsoft has announced that Blazor is no longer experimental and is now available in official preview.

Recently, Microsoft announced the first official Blazor preview.
The tech giant had started the experimental project with the goal of building a client web UI framework based on .NET and WebAssembly. Since its inception Microsoft has shipped nine experimental Blazor releases addressing a variety of concerns like component model, data binding, event handling, routing, hosting models, debugging, and tooling.The company said that it is the time when Blazor is ready to take its next step.
Source: Microsoft 
The first official Blazor preview release also brings new features and updates such as: templates updated to use the .razor file extension, _Imports.razor, Scope components with @using, New component item template, New Blazor icons and Blazor support in Visual Studio Code.
The company also said that it has decided to drop the name ASP.NET Core Razor Components, and return to the name Server-side Blazor, to emphasize that Blazor is a single client app model with multiple hosting models. Server-side Blazor runs on the server via SignalR, and Client-side Blazor runs client-side on WebAssembly
"but either way, it’s the same programming model. The same Blazor components can be hosted in both environments."
To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.