Go Developer Network Announced

Go Developer Network (GDN) has been created to empower developer communities with knowledge and experience on Go

The Go team has announced a new network for Go developers - Go Developer Network (GDN), which has been created jointly by Go community leaders at GoBridge and Google, to provide a single place for information on Go.
"We have partnered with Meetup to create our own Pro Network of Go Developers providing Go developers a single place to search for local user groups, events, and see what other Gophers are doing around the world," wrote the company.
According to the company, those user groups that enter the GDN, will be placed by GoBridge as the official user group for their city. They will be provided with the latest news, information, conduct policies, and procedures. And, each organizer of a GDN local group will proceed to own the group and sustain all admin rights.
To learn more, visit the official announcement here.