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Google Announces Over 20 Security Enhancements For Cloud Users

Google cloud recently announced over 20 security enhancements for their users.

As promised, Google cloud recently announced over 20 security enhancements for their users. The aim was to make the security system effective and transparent above all the threats that increase in number and complexity every day.
One of the security enhancements includes context-aware access. It allows the users to have access to resources and application on the basis of the identity of the user, their location and the nature of their request. This makes it easier for users to use their application on any device, anywhere. This feature would be available for VPC Service Controls users and would be available for the rest soon.
Titan Security Key is another enhancement announced by Google. Cloud users can soon purchase physical keys form Google store that would assure the users that their accounts are protected from any credential threats with the assurance of a security key with firmware developed by Google.
Shielded VMs is now available in beta, will help assure users that their VMs have not been tampered with. Users can keep the VM baseline under check along with its current runtime state. For firms running containerized workload need to deploy only safe containers on Google Kubernetes Engine, Google introduces Binary Authorization that would be available soon in beta. With Binary Authorization, container images only with the signature validation van are deployed. It can be integrated with CI/CD pipelines and can be combined with Container Registry Vulnerability Scanning so deployment of vulnerable packages can be avoided.
Controlling the access of services as per the location of the client is made possible with geo-based assess control for Cloud Armour. Cloud Armour is also capable of whitelisting or blocking traffic on the basis of IP addresses.
Cloud HSM and Asylo were also announced to enhance the data protection provided by Cloud. Cloud HSM will be coming soon in beta, integrated with Cloud Key Management and helps the users in hosting encrypted keys and performing cryptographic operations. Asylo helps in protecting the confidentiality of apps and data in complex computing environments.
Mentioned enhancements are only a few out of many. This is an amazing step by Google to gain the trust of its users, assures the users of Cloud that security is the priority and constant work and progress is happening in the field as well.
Read the full announcement on Google’s official blog.