Google Clouds Offers Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory

Recently, Google has revealed the alpha availability of virtual machines with 7TB of total memory utilizing Intel Optane DC persistent on Google cloud. Earlier in July, Google, SAP, and Intel had announced their collaboration to empower users to handle and store large amounts of data and run in-memory databases such as SAP HANA.
Now, with the availability of Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory, GCP customers will have the ability to scale up their workloads while benefiting from all the infrastructure capabilities and flexibility of Google Cloud.
Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory 
Source: Google 
Google Cloud has become the first public cloud provider in offering virtual machines using Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory; and even larger Optane-based VM offerings are scheduled for 2019 - according to Google.
Intel Optane DC persistent memory includes two operating modes – App Direct mode and Memory mode. The App Direct mode helps apps to receive the full value of the product’s native persistence and larger capacity. While the Memory mode allows you to run applications in a supported operating system or virtual environment, utilizing the persistent memory as a volatile memory.
Google claims that early customers have almost a 12x improvement in SAP HANA startup times using Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory. "And with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to DRAM-based VMs, GCP customers using this technology no longer have to balance operational efficiency against cost."
You can read the official announcement here.