Google Home Hub Is Here

After Amazon Echo and Google Home already in the process of making your home a smart one, Google Home Hub is the newest addition in the line of voice-controlled devices with which you can control pretty much your whole household. With most of the Google apps built-in, this device brings you help at a glance.

google HomeHub

Google Home Hub was announced at the "Made by Google" event on Tuesday, and is said to combine various features integrated with a touchscreen for looking at pictures, watching videos and controlling your smart home devices. The display features a slightly small, but not an underwhelming 7-inch display with an ambient sensor, a mic, and no cameras. Besides the new device, Google also introduced a revamped version of the Google Home app which now has a broader smart home control center and the ability to control the smart home with your voice.

On the home screen of the new Google Home Hub, you can now access a smart control panel by swiping down from the top. The panel includes buttons for simple tasks like viewing the security cameras, turning off the lights of any room, playing music, broadcasting a message and more. The specific adjustments can also be done based on a specific room. For example, you can adjust the thermostat and lightings of a room specifically by selecting a particular room.
Home Hub

Talking about making devices easier for people, Ben Brown, Google’s Senior Product Manager for Apps and Connectivity said,

It's the idea that you're actually creating the same interaction model from a pure voice conversational medium all the way through something that's multimodal like the Google Home Hub -- wherein I can talk and then see a visual response -- all the way to the Home app, which is more touch-driven even though you can have voice interaction there as well.

Although its called the Google Home Hub, it’s certainly important to point out that it doesn’t have the same functions as a distinct or regular home hub. Proper hubs use low power frequencies called Zigbee or Z-Wave to connect to smaller smart home sensors while Google’s Hub relies on external partners, like the Phillips Hue app to connect them within the Google Home app. But it’s a start and hopefully, Google will realize the dream of a pure smart home one day.