Google Launches A Go Cloud Based Open-Source Project

Recently, Google has announced a new open-source project which is based on the Go Cloud, a library, and tools for developing on the open cloud, a programming language that helps developers in building portable cloud apps.
According to the Google, Go powers several cloud infrastructures projects such as Kubernetes, Docker, and Istio. Many companies like Lyft, Netflix, and Capital One are depending on Go in production.
For the past several years, developers are using Go for cloud development due to its efficiency, built-in concurrency, productivity, and low latency.
In addition, the company explains that the programming deploys robust applications in multi-cloud as well as hybrid-cloud environments that help in migrating workloads between cloud providers without notable changes to their code.
Go Cloud, a set of open generic cloud APIs, can be used to write simpler and more portable cloud applications.
It also sets the foundation for portable ecosystem cloud libraries that were built on generic APIs. Go Cloud also makes it possible in terms of development goals by preserving the long-term flexibility for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud architectures.
Go Cloud is a blob storage, runtime configuration, MySQL database access, and an HTTP server configured with request logging, tracing, and health checking. It offers support for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
If a person is already using AWS or GCP, then he can try migrating parts of an existing application to use Go Cloud. A person can extend Go Cloud to support the driver interfaces such as driver.Bucket.
Go Cloud's development is basically conducted on the GitHub. 
To learn more, you can go through the official blog.