Google Launches Android P Beta 2 With Final APIs

Google has recently launched second beta version of Android P with final Android P APIs.

Google has recently launched second beta version of Android P with final Android P APIs. With the release, Google has put AI at the core of the operating system while focusing on intelligent and simple experiences for Android P with final APIs.
Further, the company explained that final Android P APIs, the latest system images, and updated developer tools, as well as the user, can get the Android P Beta 2 on Pixel devices.
Some features of Android P Beta 2 include -
Machine learning at the core-
For this particular feature, Google has partnered with DeepMind for developing Adaptive Battery that uses machine learning to prioritize the system resources for those apps that user cares about most.
Source: Android
Android P also has a platform that supports for screens with display cutouts which means that the user can have edge-to-edge experience on the latest screens. Its one advantage is that user can make changes in Messaging Style.
Source: Android
Android P adds a system-managed dialog which helps user for any supported type of biometric authentication through the BiometricPrompt API such as Fingerprint, Face, and Iris authentication.
Source: Android
It's more features-
It has multi-camera APIs that has seamless zoom, bokeh, and stereo vision as well as the Dynamics Processing API for access to a multi-stage, multi-band dynamics processing.
To get Android P Beta on Pixel devices, you can simply enroll your device in the Android Beta program and automatically receive the update to Android P Beta 2 over-the-air. But if your device does not support this, you can set up an Android Virtual Device on the Android Emulator.
To learn more you can go through the official announcement by Android. 
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