Google Launches Bristlecone, New Quantum Processor

Recently Google has launched its new Quantum Processor, Bristlecone at annual American Physical Society Meeting in Los Angeles. The reason to release this gate-based superconducting system is to provide a testbed for research into system error rates and scalability of qubit generation, in addition to programs in quantum simulation, optimization, and machine learning.
Source: Google Research Blog
The company stated -
“The guiding design principle for this device is to preserve the underlying physics of our previous 9-qubit linear array technology1, 2, which demonstrated low error rates for readout (1%), single-qubit gates (0.1%) and most importantly two-qubit gates (0.6%) as our best result. This device uses the same scheme for coupling, control, and readout, but is scaled to a square array of 72 qubits. We chose a device of this size to be able to demonstrate quantum supremacy in the future, investigate first and second order error-correction using the surface code, and to facilitate quantum algorithm development on actual hardware.”
Source: Google Research Blog
The company reveals that their theory team has developed a benchmarking tool by which they can assign a single system error by applying random quantum circuits to the device.
The company also tells that -
“If a quantum processor can be operated with low enough error, it would be able to outperform a classical supercomputer on a well-defined computer science problem, an achievement known as quantum supremacy. These random circuits must be large in both the number of qubits as well as computational length (depth). Although no one has achieved this goal yet, we calculate quantum supremacy can be comfortably demonstrated with 49 qubits, a circuit depth exceeding 40, and a two-qubit error below 0.5%. We believe the experimental demonstration of a quantum processor outperforming a supercomputer would be a watershed moment for our field and remains one of our key objectives.”
A Google scientist installing Quantum Processor, Bristlecone|Source: Google Research Blog
The company is looking forward to achieving the similar performance of the 9-qubit device, but now across all in 72 qubits of Bristlecone. They believe that Bristlecone will be proved as a major part of building a large scale of Quantum Computers.
Well, this an appreciable initiative by Google to boost up the quantum computing lets hope, more companies will move toward the world of Quantum Computing.