Google Open Sources Lyra In Beta

Lyra enables you to compress raw audio down to 3kbps for quality, which compares favorably to other codecs.

Recently, Google announced the open sourcing of Lyra in beta, a new audio codec that uses machine learning to produce high-quality voice calls.

Google said that this release will allow other developers to power their communications apps and take Lyra in powerful new directions. The release offers the tools required to encode and decode audio with Lyra, optimized for the 64-bit ARM android platform, with development on Linux. 

"We hope to expand this codebase and develop improvements and support for additional platforms in tandem with the community." wrote Google

The code for Lyra is written in C++, using the Bazel build framework with Abseil and the GoogleTest framework for thorough unit testing. The core API gives you an interface for encoding and decoding at the file and packet levels. The release also provides you the complete signal processing toolchain, which includes various filters and transforms. 

Source: Google

The example app integrates with the Android NDK in order to demonstrate how to integrate the native Lyra code into a Java-based android app. The release also provides the weights and vector quantizers that are necessary to run Lyra.

Google said that it expects the API and bitstream to change as it is developed. The code is open-sourced under the Apache license with an exception of a math kernel, for which a shared library is provided until the team implements a fully open solution over more platforms.

You can check out the code and examples on GitHub.

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