Google Pixel Slate Announced

Google releases Pixel Slate, Google’s high-performance Chromebook. It has been designed to optimize Android apps and powerful desktop-styled features in Chrome OS to entertain and help you in a mobile way.

 Source- Google

Pixel Slate is said to have versatile hardware designed with a balanced center of gravity and a round-edged 2.5 d glass which makes it easier to hold and work on, it is also lightweight of only 1.6lbs and 7mm in thin. It offers a detailed resolution of 293 pixels per inch.

It has dual front-firing speakers, designed to give our quality sounds. It also gives its users rear and front camera of 8MP. The front camera has an exceptional low light performance and gives a wide field of view. To top it all off, Slate’s battery can last up to 12 hours with regular mixed usage.
Pixel Slate is powered by a reimagined Chrome OS that enables easy navigation on a touchscreen. It’s designed to be held in your hands, while giving you a full desktop experience. You can even run Linux if you’re a developer. It makes getting things done easy, with the Google Assistant built in, a new launcher, machine learning-generated suggestions for the apps you use most, and multitasking tools like split screen. It's also got a full desktop Chrome browser—with all your favourite extensions—so you won’t be limited by the mobile version of a website on Pixel Slate.” stated Google in their blog.
There are additional features like the night light, do not disturb, and family link which enables you to set ground rules if you want to regulate the reach and use of the device for children. It has security features and the Titan security chips so passwords and other details saved in the device are secured.
A Pixel Slate Keyboards and Pixelbook Pen can increase the productivity of your device as well. The keyboard comes with round, backlit hush keys a Google Assistant Key and a touchpad. The pen has the lowest latency out of all the digital pens available and comes in a midnight blue color.
Pixel Slate, Pixel Slate Keyboards and Pixelbook Pen will all be available later this year in all major retailers in U.S., Canada, and the UK at $599, $199 and $99 respectively.