Google's Java Containerizer Released

Google has now released Jib, a Java containerizer for developers. It builds containers with the help of tools they are already familiar with.
Jib is for developers who might have to work around containers as they make java workflow easier. Since containerizing is not something that every developer can do, Jib handles all the steps tough which applications can be packed into a container image. 

Jib is said to be available as plugins for Maven and Gradle. Its goal is to fasten the deployment process by separating dependencies from classes hence writing a Dockfile or installing Docker is not necessary.
When codes are changed, only the parts aimed to be rebuilt are affected, the rest of the application remains the same. This eradicates the chances of triggering unnecessary updates.
Lastly, it helps developers reduce their CLI dependence.“Build your Docker image from within Maven or Gradle and push to any registry of your choice. No more writing Dockerfiles and calling docker build/push.”, stated Google on GitHub.
Google also ensured that a “container-building library” version of Jib is still a work in progress and users can look forward to an update soon.