HoloLens Coming To China In First Half of 2017

Microsoft has announced their most recent collaboration, code name: Project Evo

Microsoft has announced their most recent collaboration and the code is named “Project Evo.” With Project Evo, Microsoft as well as Intel will deliver new ways for the devices to light up, along with the advanced security, artificial intelligence and Cortana, mixed reality, as well as gaming.
Image Source: blogs.windows.com
Microsoft feels that through this particular collaboration, the devices of the future will influence the innovations of Intel as well as of Microsoft and this includes the following:
You will now be able to ask Cortana any question and also play songs from across the room.
It also comes with the security capabilities, so as to protect the devices from malware as well as from hacking threats, which is quite advanced in biometric authentication with Windows Hello, sophisticated insights from Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Graph, additional world-class security intelligence, as well as analytics from Intel.
Now you will be able to experience mixed reality for everyone through affordable PCs along with head mounted displays (HMDs), which will bend the physical as well virtual realities.
You will also notice gaming innovations such as eSports and game broadcasting and it supports 4K, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) spatial audio in addition to Xbox controllers with native Bluetooth.
Microsoft states,
“Windows is the only platform unifying the mixed reality ecosystem, providing inside-out tracking for HMDs, a single platform and standardized inputs for developers, and a consistent interface with a single store for customers.”
Microsoft has announced numerous new ways so as to make mixed reality mainstream in 2017.
The company has submitted its Hololens for the approval of the Government in China and they are currently looking forward, so as to make it available to the developers as well as commercial users in China during the first half of 2017.
Image Source: blogs.windows.com
The company has also shared its specifications, which they have co-developed with Intel for PCs, which will power the first headset, which is capable for mixed reality. HMD's from Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, and Lenovo will be made available in 2017.
The users will go on to gain access to amazing mixed reality content and this will  include the following, as per the official blog.
  • More than 20,000 universal Windows apps in the catalog.
  • 3D objects from the Web, using Microsoft Edge to drag and drop into their physical world.
  • Immersive WebVR content via Microsoft Edge.
  • 360 degree videos are available for the first time in the Movies & TV app.
HMD developer kits will soon be made available to the developers at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.
Microsoft states,
“In future Windows 10 updates, we will enable connectivity that is always within reach. We will help customers easily buy data directly from the Windows Store and put them in control of how they use Wi-Fi and cellular networks, consume data, and manage costs. We will enable our partners to build always-connected devices without hindering form factor design. Specifically, partners can take advantage of eSIM technology to build devices without an exposed SIM slot, making it easier for people to activate a data plan right on their device.”
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