Know Your MVP - Sara Silva

1. What is your name?

Sara Silva

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself

I studied mathematics in University of Coimbra, but since I finish my degree I’m working in software development using Microsoft technologies. 

Nowadays I am working with Windows apps, Xamarin and Azure in Portugal. 

Since January 2013, I am Microsoft MVP and I was Nokia Developer Champion, this year was nominated as C# Corner MVP and my principal contribution for community is doing samples, articles, presentation and helping others.

3. How long have you been associated with C# Corner?

I am C# Corner member since Mar 09, 2012 but I believe that I know C# corner before this date!

4. What makes you to be a part of C# Corner?

C# Corner has a lot of examples and articles, some basic and others more advanced, but in some cases are very useful for help to solve problems.

5. How does C# Corner has helped you personally?

C# Corner is helping to expose my sample and article to the community and it is important for share knowledge and help other with that I know.

6. How does C# Corner has helped you professionally?

In some cases I found solutions in C# Corner for solve problems in my projects.

7. How would you explain C# Corner to a young student?

You want to learn? Are you looking for different levels of article? You should read C# Corner stuff.

8. Can you tell us little bit about your family background?

I am Portuguese and I born in Coimbra which is city in center of Portugal, but I grow up in a small town near Coimbra, where my family still lives and we are a very traditional Portuguese family.

9. What do you do for fun?

I do samples and articles for fun, because it make me happy! But my free time is not only around technologies, sometimes I go out and explore new places near the beach or in mountains and in past I did mountain competition and yes I have bikes that are mines (carbon bike and cycling bike)!

10. If you were the president or prime minister of your country, what would the first change you will make?

I hate all about politics. No Comments.

11. What makes you choose C# Corner as your community?

C# Corner is a community with much activity and it allow to have more people reading my work.

12. Who is your favorite C# Corner member?

Sorry, I do not have one, because each one are special and only one person is not a community but all together are.

13. If you need to make one change to C# Corner, what would that be?

Hard question, I think C# Corner has a great system, because in the last months I am analyzing the data around my work and is very interesting the C# Corner provides me as an Author, not found it in others providers.

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