Meet Chris Trew At CSharpCon18 Keynote

C# Corner announces Chris Trew as the sixth keynote speaker for C# Corner Annual Conference 2018.

Philadelphia, Pa. Sunday, February 25, 2018

We are pleased to announce that Chris Trew will be our next keynote speaker at the upcoming C# Corner Annual Conference 2018, a.k.a, CSharpCon18.

Chris Trew is the CEO and Founder of Stratis Platform. He is a consultant, architect, and technologist with over 10 years of experience in Enterprise IT. Chris’s background includes extensive experience in the financial sector, working for some of the top financial institutions as well as in the Legal, Aviation and Local government sectors.

Chris is also a back-end developer specializing in C# and ASP.NET technologies. He has been involved in blockchain technologies since late 2013. Most recently, Chris has worked as a volunteer developer in his free time on the Blitz project, in the course of which he has developed The Viral Exchange, a social exchange that allows people to earn BTC and Blitz by completing social interactions such as tweets, sharing and likes. He also created the Fitalize platform that allows people to earn Blitz by walking, using hardware fitness trackers such as Fitbit.

After Mads Torgersen, Mahesh Chand, Magnus Mårtensson, Jason Beres, and Diksha Deo, Chris will be the sixth keynote speaker for the C# Corner Annual Conference, scheduled for April 13 - 15, 2018 at New Delhi, India. This will be a mega carnival of thousands of techies to network and connect with each other, to share and learn new bleeding-edge technologies, like Blockchain, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Kotlin etc.

We are making every effort to make this conference the best learning and networking destination for developers. With Chris onboard, we look forward to having a wonderful conference ahead.

If you also hail from the developer community and want to learn new technologies, or connect to worldwide developers, or share your knowledge, you can also join us at

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