Microsoft Announces Public Preview Of Rust/WinRT

Though this is a very early public preview, Windows Developer Team has decided to work in the open from here on out.

Recently, Microsft announced that the Rust/WinRT project now has a permanent and public home on GitHub -
Well, Rust/WinRT accompanies the tradition established by C++/WinRT of making language projections for the Windows Runtime using standard languages and compilers, offering a more natural and idiomatic way for Rust programmers to call Windows APIs.
It allows developers to call any WinRT API past, present, and future utilizing code generated on the fly directly from the metadata describing the API and right into the Rust package where developers can call them as if they were just another Rust module.
Microsoft said that the Windows Runtime is based on Component Object Model (COM) APIs under the hood and is meant to be accessed by language projections like C++/WinRT and Rust/WinRT. Those language projections take the metadata detailing different APIs and give natural bindings for the target programming language.
This enables you to more easily build apps and components for Windows practicing your desired language. Not only this, but developers can also then use those Windows APIs in order to build desktop apps, store apps, a component, NT service, or device driver.