Microsoft Accelerator In Bangalore Selects Thirteen Start-Ups For Training

The Microsoft Accelerator in Bangalore, India, will presently welcome 13 local startups, selected for joining the four-month program designed specifically to help participants work on their go-to-market strategy.

As per a report from Tech in Asia, Microsoft Accelerator in Bangalore, India, has selected 13 start-ups for joining their four month Accelerator program designed specifically to help participants work on their go-to-market strategy.
This time, the local startup accelerator has chosen later stage startup companies, who primarily work in the artificial intelligence or data analytics fields. By now, five companies have already accomplished series A rounds and more than half of the chosen startups have an international presence. Given below are the names of the 13 startups which will be joining the program.
  • AllizHealth – A company building a wellness & health analytics platform.
  • Betaout – A marketing automation platform.
  • Epictions - Data analytics company which aspire to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to disrupt content marketing and digital PR.
  • Faircent – A community loan exchange platform.
  • FarEye - A customizable SaaS based mobility platform.
  • Germin8 – A Social Media Intelligence company.
  • Meddiff Technologies – A company developing medical teleimaging solution.
  • Moveinsync - Transport management platform.
  • Surukam Analytics – A company working on an artificial Intelligence solution to automate decision-making processes and workflows.
  • Talview – An HR startup which has a suite for video interviews and assessment of job candidates.
  • Transaction Analysts – A company who is developing payment solutions through smart card based prepaid cards.
  • Uncanny Vision () – The company focuses on Computer Vision on Embedded systems and IoT devices.
  • Whodat - An Augmented Reality Company focused on help consumers make informed decisions before buying any product.
Bala Girisaballa, the CEO of Microsoft Accelerator in Bangalore, informs Tech in Asia the reason for selecting startups, focusing on AI and data analytics. He states,
“We are at the cusp of a new era where everything is about intelligence. It’s no longer about automation, it’s about tons and tons of data and what we do with it… Give it another ten years, I think artificial intelligence and data analytics will be in the DNA of every company. I don’t think any company can be outside of this realm. This to me is a fundamental shift, and not just another vertical. It’s changing the sinew or fabric or DNA of every organization.”

Well, this is an encouraging move from Microsoft Accelerator that will motivate more startups to work harder and grow faster.