Microsoft Announces General Availability of Azure IoT Central

Recently, Microsoft has announced the general availability of its software-as-a-service solution Azure IoT Central, with a per-device pricing model and a free tier for limited-scale development usage for as long as required, allowing the solutions to start small before tapping into Azure's global availability for wide-scale rollouts.
With Azure IoT Central, Microsoft anticipates a low-code approach to designing, developing, configuring and managing IoT devices, while providing out of the box security, scalability, and integration with processes and applications.
In addition to harnessing the complexities of cloud development to improve the connectivity to the cloud itself, Microsoft has partnered with MultiTech in order to integrate IoT Central functionality into the MultiConnect® ConduitTM programmable gateway.
According to Microsoft, Azure Functions now can be used to trigger serverless workflows that execute business logic without the need for setting up custom applications or infrastructure.
"The IoT Central connector for Microsoft Flow opens up hundreds of published connectors for no-code integrations to enable powerful scenarios like Connected Field Service (CFS) to help reduce costly scheduled maintenance by proactively detecting and resolving issues."
You can now implement bulk device management actions through with the Jobs feature, which allows you to manage devices at scales, with options to reboot, reset or update devices.
And webhooks help you to connect an IoT Central app to other applications for remote monitoring and notifications. Whenever a rule is triggered IoT Central app sends a POST request to the other application's HTTP endpoint . The payload contains device details and rule trigger details.
You can visit the official announcement here.