Microsoft announces Quantum Computing available through Cloud

Using several different quantum computers, Azure will soon offer this new technology to cloud users.

On Monday, Microsoft announced that Azure, its cloud computing platform, will soon offer access to quantum computing.
Known as a leader in the tech field, Microsoft has been investing heavily in quantum computing. This technology uses quantum mechanics to compute data at unprecedented rates. 
Image result for microsoft quantum computer
Part of Microsoft's upcoming quantum computer. The machine can cools electronical parts to near absolute zero temperatures in order for the quantum computing to function (photo courtesy of Microsoft).
Though it is a work in progress, Microsoft doesn't yet have a fuctioning quantum computer of their own, its quantum computing power will come from computers built by Honeywell,and two university start-up businesses, IonQ from University of Maryland and QCI of Yale. 
According to sources, this move by Microsoft comes following the announcement from Google that it had achieved "quantum supremacy," meaning their quantum processor has outperformed a top supercomputer. Google also plans to soon offer businesses remote access to quantum computing.
This is exciting news for the future of technology. Clearly, companies are beginning to get serious about quantum computing. With competition in the field growing and more money being invested, quantum technology is bound to proliferate in the coming years.
With their ability to calculate data at unbelievable rates, quantum computers will change the face of computing and perhaps our society. One can only imagine what we will be able to solve and accomplish by making use this new and promising technology