Microsoft Announces Quantum Development Kit

Today, Microsoft announced its new quantum development kit for its newest technology, quantum computing. Quantum Development kit is in preview. With the SDK, Microsoft also introduced a new quantum programming language, Q# (pronounced as “q-sharp”), similar to Microsoft’s popular language C#. Q# is fully integrated with Microsoft’s popular IDE, Visual Studio.

The quantum development kit contains the following components.

Q# language and compiler

Q# is a domain-specific programming language used for expressing quantum algorithms. It is used for writing sub-programs that execute on an adjunct quantum processor under the control of a classical host program and computer.

Q# standard library

The library contains operations and functions that support both the classical language control requirement and the Q# quantum algorithms.

Local quantum machine simulator

A full state vector simulator optimized for accurate vector simulation and speed.

Quantum computer trace simulator

The trace simulator does not simulate the quantum environment like the local quantum simulator. It is used to estimate the resources required to execute a quantum program and also allow faster debugging of the non-Q# control code.

Visual Studio extension

The extension contains templates for Q# files and projects as well as syntax highlighting. The extension also installs and creates automatic hooks to the compiler.

Learn more and Download Quantum Development Kit here >