Microsoft Announces Windows 10 IoT Core And Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Today, at Windows Developer Day event, Microsoft has announced two editions of Windows 10 IoT to help the developers easily build applications for IoT connected devices.

The company defines both the devices as -

  • Windows 10 IoT Core for small footprint smart edge devices. With NXP modules available below $50/unit, you can build great low-cost solutions on Windows 10.

  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise on powerful PC or Server-class hardware. Windows IoT Enterprise will be great for larger devices such as ATMs, medical devices, or industrial scales to name a few.

Source: Microsoft 

In the official announcement, Kevin Gallo / Corporate Vice President, Windows Developer Platform stated,

“Whichever edition you choose, you can use the same tools and workflow, using Visual Studio, NuGet, remote debugging, and others that you are familiar with.

The Intelligent Edge is the interface between the cloud and the real world. It is the layer of devices that we use to access the data in the cloud onto your device.

The Intelligent Cloud gives you the ability to process all the data coming from the world around you, react to events, and work in a serverless environment. Practically speaking, you can quickly and easily bring cloud microservices to Windows using Azure IoT Edge. This component of Azure is in public preview today.”

The company featured some experiments also from their partners who are using Windows10 IoT in development, such as – Misty One, a robot from Misty Robotics, which is equipped with Windows 10 “chassis” that made the company able to get a complete product together much faster than pulling everything together themselves.

Source: Microsoft 

The company tells that these new editions of Windows10 IoT will be available with the next update to Windows 10. With Windows machine learning and Azure IoT Edge Public Preview, developers can experiment on their Windows PC or pick up a low-cost Windows IoT device.

To watch the recorded video of the full event, you can go through the Windows Developer Day website.