Microsoft Azure Launches Two Isolated VM Sizes

Microsoft Azure recently announced two new isolated Virtual Machine (VM) Sizes, E64i_v3, and E64is_v3 dedicated to a single customer. Now, with these two new isolated VM’s, the isolated Azure VM family has a total count of 12 such Virtual Machines.
The company states on in working and performance - 
“The E64i_v3 and E64is_v3 will have the exact same performance and pricing structure as their cousins E64_v3 and E64s_v3. These size additions will be available in each of the regions where E64_v3 and E64s_v3 are available today. The small letter ‘i’ in the VM name denotes that they are isolated sizes."
"Unlike the E64_v3 and E64s_v3, the two new sizes E64i_v3 and E64is_v3 are hardware bound sizes. They will live and operate on our Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2673 v4 2.3GHz hardware only and will be available until at least December 2021. We will provide reminders 12 months in advance of the official decommissioning of the sizes and offer an updated isolated size like these sizes on our next hardware version.”
The company also tells that these two new sizes, E64i_v3 and E64is_v3 will be available only in the on-demand portal. And will also be available for purchase as one-year reserved VM Instances from May 1st, 2018.