Microsoft Brings AI Training Courses For The Public

Microsoft is now offering AI training courses publicly to enhance your skills.

Microsoft is now offering AI training courses publicly to enhance your skills. This training program has been launched under the Microsoft Professional Program which is dedicated to artificial intelligence. According to Microsoft the training program will provide job-ready skills and real-world experience to engineers and others to enhance AI and data science skills.
The program will also provide online videos and other assets for developing the developers AI skills with general education tools for developers.
According to Susan Dumais, Distinguished Scientist, Deputy Managing Director of Microsoft Research AI, “AI is increasingly important in how our products and services are designed and delivered and that is true for our customers as well.”
Microsoft AI training is for wide-ranging employees on specific teams including software engineers at LinkedIn and ones designed for expertise level.
The program lead, Dumais said :
“We solicit, from all over Microsoft, projects that require AI which can be accelerated by working closely with AI experts to help shape new algorithms and data pipelines.”
Graeme Malcolm, a senior content developer in Microsoft’s Worldwide Learning Group, explained that the session of the introductory course in the Microsoft Professional Program; in AI is a condensed version which will allow enrollees to build a deeper set of AI skills.
The program will also allow enrollees to gain real-world experience via lab work to demonstrate their skills and will also be provided with a digital certificate to put on their resume.
Malcolm said :
“We think of it in terms of what we call committed learners, someone who says this is going to take me six to nine months to cover all of the ground and commits some time to hopefully move forward in their career.”
Well, this is a great initiative from Microsoft as this type of online course that is increasing  awareness about computer science education will open pathways for career advancement.
To enroll in the AI training course you can click here.
To know more about the AI training course you can go through the official blog.