Microsoft Join Hands With Asian Firms For Blockchain

Recently, Microsoft has joined hands with China Binary Sale Technology and High Cloud to create a blockchain platform for the enterprise.
Microsoft will be providing its Azure cloud platform for China Binary’s MasterDAX. The partnership of these companies is focusing on Asia-Pacific region to transform various industries including finance, e-commerce, and entertainment.
Source: Microsoft
General Manager of Taiwan's Microsoft, Sun Jikang stated -
"Microsoft Azure can enhance the security and computing speed of Digital China's digital blockchain services, and become the key to Digital China's choice of Microsoft Azure as a blockchain cloud technology platform to create commercial solutions; As a bridge of technical services, it is an important partner for Digital China and Microsoft's customized services in commercial applications. This is the spiritual practice of Microsoft's "Partner First", working together to transform and upgrade, jointly develop cloud business, promote the marketing, and common Selling cloud technology services to accelerate growth and profit.”
Founder of China Binary, Sun Jiangtao shared his views stating "China Binary is quite optimistic about the blockchain commercial markets in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Taiwan enjoys absolute unrivaled advantages such as abundant talents and a profound knowledge of the Southeast Asian market. Through this cooperation, we expect to make the Taiwan market the stronghold of the blockchain business development and the outpost for the Southeast Asian market."
MasterDAX has provided its services to many blockchain companies all around the world.
This action of Microsoft shows the keen interest of the company in emerging technologies and its hard work to keep pace with the fast-moving IT industry. We hope this partnership will prove to be fruitful for the blockchain community as well, bringing out some of the best results.
To learn more, you can go through the official announcement.