Microsoft Launches Data Discovery & Classification

New security capability, Data Discovery & Classification for Azure SQL Data Warehouse, announced by Microsoft.

Recently, Microsoft announced the public preview of Data Discovery & Classification for Azure SQL Data Warehouse, which is an additional capability for managing security for sensitive data.
This new capability will enable you for meeting data privacy standards and regulatory compliance requirements like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and restricting access to and hardening the security of data warehouses containing highly sensitive data.
It enables Data classification to be centrally viewed on a dashboard in the Azure portal, as well as, you can download a report in Microsoft Excel format.
Data Discovery & Classification 
Source: Microsoft 

The company said that Data Discovery & Classification brings advanced capabilities aimed at protecting data and not just the data warehouse itself, and it is available in all Azure regions as part of Advanced Data Security and including Vulnerability Assessment and Threat Detection.
With Data Discovery & Classification, underlying classification engine will automatically scans the data warehouse and identify columns containing potentially sensitive data. It will also give you an easy way to review and apply appropriate classification recommendations through the Azure portal. Also, Sensitivity classification labels tagged on the columns can be persisted in the data warehouse itself.
According to the company, auditing has also been improved to log sensitivity classifications or labels of the actual data that were returned by the query. So, it enables you to gain insights on who is accessing sensitive data.
To learn more, you can visit the official announcement here.