Microsoft Officially Releases gRPC-Web For .NET

Microsoft officially released gRPC-Web for .NET, which now is a fully supported component of the grpc-dotnet project and is ready for production.
gRPC is a modern high-performance RPC (Remote Procedure Call) framework and is based on HTTP/2, Protocol Buffers, and other modern standard-based technologies. The component is an open standard and is supported by several programming languages, including .NET.
The experimental support was released in January and since then the company has made improvements based on feedback from early adopters. 
Currently, it is improbable to implement the gRPC HTTP/2 spec in a browser as there are no browser APIs with fairly fine-grained control over requests. gRPC-Web is a standardized protocol that addresses this issue and makes gRPC usable in the browser. The solution brings many of gRPC’s great features, like small binary messages and contract-first APIs, to modern browser apps.
If you are brand new to gRPC you can check out "Create a gRPC client and server in ASP.NET Core". This tutorial will help you create your first gRPC client and server using .NET.
Developers who already have a gRPC app can visit Use gRPC in browser apps which demonstrates how to add gRPC-Web to a .NET gRPC server.
Source: Microsoft 
gRPC-Web makes gRPC available in more scenarios like Call ASP.NET Core gRPC apps from the browser, Host ASP.NET Core gRPC apps in IIS and Azure App Service, and Call gRPC from non-.NET Core platforms.
For more information, you can visit the official announcement here