Microsoft Opens First Datacenters In Africa

Microsoft launches first datacenters in Africa with general availability of Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft is opening its first data centres in Africa, the announcement also unveiled the general availability of Azure from the new cloud regions in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa.
first datacenters in Africa 
Source: Microsoft 
The launch makes Microsoft the first global provider to provide cloud services from data centres on the continent. Azure is going to be the first of Microsoft’s cloud services to be delivered from the new data centres in South Africa.
Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity solution, is expected to be available by the 3rd quarter, while Dynamics 365, for intelligent business applications, is planned for the fourth.
"Spending on public cloud services in South Africa will nearly triple over the next five years, and the adoption of cloud services will generate nearly 112,000 net-new jobs in South Africa by the end of 2022." wrote Tom Keane Corporate Vice President, Azure Global, Microsoft Azure "The increased utilization of public cloud services and the additional investments into private and hybrid cloud solutions will enable organizations in South Africa to focus on innovation and building digital businesses at scale."