Microsoft Releases Windows Template Studio 3.0.

Microsoft has released Windows Template Studio (WTS) v 3.0, extending support for multi-project solution and Pivot navigation pattern.

Microsoft has released Windows Template Studio (WTS) version 3.0 which is its first major update since version 2.0 (April 2018). WTS is a Visual Studio 2017 Extension that quickens the development of new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps using a wizard-based experience. 
The new release brings support for multi-project solutions, Pivot navigation pattern, and some bug fixes.
Source: Microsoft 
This update includes a variety of improvements:
  • Code now generates as a multi-project solution. This will allow better reuse and separation of code logic, and now will output a UWP project and .NET Core project.
  • Support adding new projects on right click
  • Horizontal Navigation View is replaced the Pivot navigation pattern.
  • Update MVVMLight to use .NET Standard library
  • Bug fixes
Updates for Dev platform includes:
  • AdaptiveCards to v1.1.2
  • AppCenter.Analytics to v 1.12.0
  • AppCenter.Crashes to v 1.12.0
  • Services.Store.Engagement to v10.1810.16002
  • UI.Xaml to v2.0.181018003.1
  • Json to v12.0.1
  • UI.for.UniversalWindowsPlatform to v1.0.1.3
You can read the complete changelog at WTS's Github.
Known issues mentioned by the company are as below:
  • Visual Studio 2019 Preview support for multi-project might give NuGet reference failure for the Core project. (#2862). You can work around it currently to manually add the reference.
  • Feedback hub has been detached until a bug gets fixed in their SDK (#2879).
Microsoft also revealed what it has coming in future releases. The next version v3.1 will see a Menubar navigation pattern template, Identity Login, and Azure features. And, there will be better VS 2019 support and Unit Test projects.
You can visit the official announcement here.