Microsoft Releases Babylon.js 3.3

Microsoft has announced the release of Babylon.js 3.3.0. The major features added to this version are new UI features, significant updates to particle system controls, new environment generation tools, procedural noise texture generation, and 360-degree photo and video support.

Here are the details of some of the best ones.
3D GUI - Two new features from the Microsoft Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) have been added to simplify GUI construction for VR. 3D volume grids have been added to easily lay out the interface for direct integration into the VR scene. And, methods to call the standard MRTK holographic and 3D mesh buttons have been included to add power to your VR GUI.
Source: Microsoft 
Transformation Gizmo - You can now effortlessly attach the gizmo to any object to unlock translation, rotation, or scaling with the standard or custom gizmos using new transformation gizmo.
Particle Systems - About 30 new features have been added to take your particle systems to the next level. The power of transformation and emission control over a lifetime, the addition of animation randomization, and new emitter shapes give you more control than ever over particle systems.
Environment Textures - Improvements to image-based lighting makes it closer to popular ray tracers for environment lighting. And updated Environment Texture Tool will significantly reduce the size of your pre-filtered DDS files.
Source: Microsoft 
TypeScript in the Playground - The new version will also support TypeScript and JavaScript.
Improved Documentation - Documentation API has been completed and the user will now have more information right at fingertips while writing code. For complete details of new features, you can visit the release notes.
Source: Microsoft
To try or download Babylon.js 3.3.0, you can visit here. To read the full announcement, you can visit here.