Microsoft Releases First Preview Of Visual Studio Kubernetes Tools

Microsoft, the software giant, has released the first version of Visual Studio Kubernetes tools recently. The company says that the preview will focus on simplifying the use of Kubernetes container service for Visual Studio developers, especially to those who think of creating Dockerfiles, Helm charts, and other configuration-as-code to be very complicated.

Such developers are invited by Microsoft to try out these tools and are provided with a detailed tutorial on the company’s official blog.

Some of the core benefits of the newly announced Visual Studio Kubernetes tools include –

With the new tools, developers building containerized applications that target Kubernetes can now create Dockerfile and a Helm chart for their project by merely creating a new “Container Application for Kubernetes” project, or add Kubernetes support to an existing .NET Core web application, creating a container image to run applications or use them to deploy to any Kubernetes cluster. This makes the process quicker and easier.

The tools also integrate with Azure Dev Spaces, which gives the developers an iterative development experience in Azure Kubernetes Service whose users can use AKS cluster directly from Visual Studio, via the new “Publish to Azure AKS” option.

source: Microsoft 
Kubernetes is “an open source system that is quickly emerging as the preferred container orchestration system for applications of all shapes and sizes, simplifying the deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers. It runs in a variety of environments, including on premises as well as in cloud providers, such as Microsoft’s own Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).