Microsoft Releases Windows Community Toolkit Version 4.0

Microsoft has released Windows Community Toolkit Version 4.0 following their achievement of a million downloads across all the NuGet packages. Windows/Microsoft Community Toolkit is a collection of helper functions, custom controls, and app services. The new version contains a variety of updates that range from new DataGrid to translation services.

Source: Windows
DataGrid, previously available only for Windows 10 Version 3.0 will now be generally available to the users. DataGrid basically helps the users in arranging their data in rows and columns. The model is similar to that of Silverlight and WPF hence understanding its functionality is easier for develops already familiar XAML technologies.
Source: Windows
Version 4.0 introduces PlannerTaskList and PowerBIEmbedded, new Microsoft Graph controls. PlannerTaskList helps individual developers along with teams to stay organized quickly and coordinate effortlessly while PowerBIEmbedded helps the users to embed a rick PowerBI dashboard in their applications and facilitates interaction with the data.
Source: Windows 
Most services like Twitter, LinkedIn, OneDrive, Microsoft Graph, etc. has been moved to .NET by Microsoft for this update. The APIs in Windows Community Toolkit makes it easier to work with the earlier mentioned services that are now available to frameworks implementing .NET Standard 1.4 and above.
Get started by reviewing the release notes on GitHub. Developers can even preview the new version by installing the Windows Community Toolkit Sample App. The toolkit can be added to any existing or new project with the help of Visual Studio so you can follow Microsoft’s tutorial to get the NuGet Package.
To know more, you can read the Microsoft’s official announcement.