Microsoft Releases Windows Community Toolkit Version 5.1

Recently, Microsoft announced the latest version of the Windows Community Toolkit, bringing the Toolkit to version 5.1.

Microsoft has released the latest update of the Windows Community Toolkit, bringing the Toolkit to version 5.1.
The version 5.1 brings support for high quality animations with the addition of Lottie-Windows. Additionally, the new version includes some new features such as an Image Cropping tool and controls for picking Remote Devices. There are many control accessibility fixes as well.
Lottie-Windows is a library that renders Adobe AfterEffects animations natively in an application by utilizing the Windows.UI.Composition APIs and enabling the consumption of Bodymovin JSON files or optimized code-generated classes for playback.
The Remote Device Picker feature enables a user to select a device, proximally or cloud accessible, from a dialog. The app can then utilize this information to execute various scenarios, for example, opening and communicating with an app on the chosen device.
Accordiing to the company, the new Image Cropper control will provide you - effortless image cropping functionality in your app - which is best for user selected profile pictures and photo editing tools.
Windows Community Toolkit v5.1 
Source: Microsoft 
Accessibility Improvements include more fixes to keyboard navigation, high contrast, and narrator readability to the toolkit controls.
To see the full list of updates you can visit the release notes here.