Microsoft Shares The Plan For EF Core 6.0

EF Core 6.0 is scheduled for release in November 2021.

Microsft has unveiled its plan for the release of Entity Framework Core 6.0. The release will bring many of the highly requested features like SQL Server temporal tables, JSON columns, and ColumnAttribute.Order.

Well, EF Core 6.0 is the next release after EF Core 5.0 and has been scheduled for release in November 2021 alongside .NET 6. According to the EF team, Core 6.0 currently targets .NET 5 and will be updated to .NET 6 as it nears the release. 

EF Core 6.0 will not run on .NET Framework. It will align with .NET 6 as a long-term support (LTS) release.

There plan also has a number of performance enhancements, including improving the infrastructure for performance tests, compiled models that will improve startup performance, and matching Dapper performance on the TechEmpower Fortunes benchmark. The release will also make EF Core work better with linkers and AOT. 

Source: Microsoft

Entity Framework Core 6.0 also aims better support for managing migrations and deploying databases. There are two major areas of improvement: migrations bundles and managing migrations.

The team said that EF Core 6.0 will make supported EF Core queries a true superset of supported EF6 queries. The company is also exploring areas like SqlServer.Core and GraphQL. The company is looking experimentally at these areas and that there are no concrete deliverables planned for the release.

To learn more about the release roadmap and expected features you can visit the official website here.

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