Microsoft Starts Shipping HoloLens Development Kits

Microsoft has finally announced that the much awaited HoloLens Development Kits shipping starts today. With that a new example project will also be available for buyers. Microsoft initiated preorders for the $3,000 HoloLens Development kits last month. 

Microsoft introduced HoloLens in January, 2015, beginning era of holographic computing. HoloLens was demonstrated at last year's build. Since then, the headset is showing new opportunities with computing and displaying new augmented reality applications like a Star Wars-esque holographic communicator.
Developers will also be able to play with the Galaxy Explorer Project that visualizes planets and shows off the HoloLens' features.  The team welcomed feedback and received more than 5000 ideas for "Share Your Idea" contest and it worked for HoloLens. Microsoft picked Galaxy Explorer and as announced previously the project will go up on Windows Store and code on GitHub.
Here's an image showing the Galaxy Explorer Project. It is an open source HoloLens application.

A consumer version is expected to come soon, but bringing developers is quite an awesome step. Microsoft has listed some companies, universities, and government agencies, including NASA, object theory, AutoDesk, etc.