Microsoft Virtual Academy is Retiring

The popular Microsoft Virtual Academy is being replaced with a new learning platform, Microsoft Learn

Normally we go to Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA), add some courses, and start learning when we wish, but that is going away. Yes, you read it right. The popular MVA is going away. Microsoft has come up with a new and even better learning platform known as Microsoft Learn.
What is this?
Microsoft Learn is better. Here's why:
  • It is easier and more simplified.
  • It lets you choose your learning path, and choose between hands-on learning and independent learning.
  • You can achieve your learning goals in a task-based approach.
  • Microsoft has developed some courses for free on Pluralsight. 
What will happen to MVA courses?
All courses will retire on April 30, 2019. So access your MVA Dashboard and complete course(s) from your catalog before that date.
Learn more in order to grow, thanks to Microsoft!