Minimal Ubuntu Launched By Canonical

Recently, Canonical has announced the new Minimal Ubuntu. The latest Minimal Ubuntu is optimized for automated use at scale with small packages set and minimal security cross-section.
Paul Nash, Group Product Manager at Google Cloud stated -
“The small footprint of Minimal Ubuntu, when deployed with fast VM provisioning from GCE, helps deliver drastically improved boot times, making them a great choice for developers looking to build their applications on Google Cloud Platform.”
The new Minimal Ubuntu is designed keeping in mind the automation operations excluding the user-friendly utilities for interactive usage.
You can download the Ubuntu Minimal Cloud Images from here
The company has also shared some new features -
  • Smaller and faster, for automated cloud operations

  • Tiny container base image

  • Fully compatible with all Ubuntu packages

  • Optimized for cloud hypervisors

  • Minimized security cross-section
The Ubuntu 18.04 LTS image in the Dockerhub is now the new Minimal Ubuntu 18.04.
To learn more you can go through the official blog.