Oracle Cloud Announces New HPC Offerings To Support Critical Workloads

Recently, Oracle has announced the availability of its new bare metal Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute instances.

Recently, Oracle has announced the availability of its new bare metal Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute instances. According to the company, this will enable enterprises to run various performance sensitive workloads, such as artificial intelligence (AI) or engineering simulations, in the cloud.
The company claims that this will give organizations a low-cost way to extend their on-premises HPC workloads to the cloud without sacrificing the performance. The new offering in the US and EU is priced $0.075 per core hour, a half compared to other cloud providers on the market.
HPC has been underserved in the cloud due to lack of high-performance networking (RDMA) and unappealing price/performance. We’ve listened to our customers and over the last few years Oracle has focused on improving high-performance bare-metal offerings, such as Clustered Networking, to provide on-premise customers with the options they need to extend their HPC workloads to the cloud,” stated Vinay Kumar, vice president, Product Management & Strategy, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “Our growing collaboration with trusted vendors helps Oracle Cloud Infrastructure continue to expand and offer the best performance at the lowest cost for the workloads that customers really need to extend into the cloud.”
Source: Oracle
The new offering is powered by high-frequency Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Mellanox’s high performance network interface controllers and company says new capabilities will also be expanded for Oracle’s NVIDIA HGX-2 platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Lisa Davis, vice president of Intel’s Data Center Group, commented,
HPC is critical for more use cases, complex workloads, and data-intensive computing than ever before. Access to HPC capabilities in the cloud enables users to do more by extending into the public cloud while providing new HPC and AI users a platform to develop and test new classes of HPC and AI algorithms. We are working with Oracle to enable leading HPC offerings that take advantage of the advanced performance, efficiency and scale delivered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors across HPC and AI workloads, all while benefiting from the agility and flexibility of Oracle’s next generation, enterprise-grade cloud offering.”
You can read the official press release here.