R3 Launches Corda Network

R3 has announced the launch of a public Corda Network Foundation to administrate a public network of blockchain nodes in the network.

R3, the creator of Corda blockchain, recently announced the launch of a public Corda Network Foundation which will administrate a public network of blockchain nodes running on the network.
Supervised by R3, the Corda Network is an independent, not-for-profit foundation that will administrate the foundation. The foundation’s board is planned to be comprised of directors drawn from participants on the network and elected by members of Corda Network. The election for the membership of the foundation is scheduled later this year.
R3’s Corda Network  
From the announcing press release:
Corda Network provides a typical layer of identity and agreement for participants on Corda and Corda Enterprise. it's an open shared infrastructure, that allows compatibility between participants on the network.
Corda Network permits for the transfer of knowledge and digital assets between communities of nodes (business networks) and completely different CorDapps. Participants will thus produce non-public ecosystems among their organisation, or with sure business partners, whereas remaining practical with the broader Corda community wherever applicable. Relevant data may be shared between applications and organisations, making efficiencies and avoiding duplication. Corda Network additionally includes identification and privacy services to confirm that participants will care for the network safely.
It provides a world and overtly ruled network facultative low-friction onboarding of participants to Corda additionally as serving to developers quickly, securely, and economically develop new applications for Corda and Corda Enterprise.
Governance and, therefore, the work encouraging adoption of Corda Network are transitioned over to the new Corda Network Foundation. The Foundation’s board are comprised of administrators drawn from participants on the Network and nonappointive by members of Corda Network. it'll operate severally of R3 and its higher cognitive process are clear and on the market to all or any network members.
Main services of Corda Network
Identity Service: The Identity Service regulates admissions of participants into Corda Network. The service obtains certificate sign language requests (CSRs) from prospective network participants and reviews the data submitted. A digitally signed participation certificate is received if:
The participant meets the necessities laid out in policies of the foundation (broadly speaking, restricted to sanction screening only); And the participant must concede to Corda Network participant terms of use.
Participation certificate is then used to register with the Network Map Service.
Network Map Service: The Network Map Service obtains digitally signed documents outlining network routing and identifying data from nodes, established on the participation certificates signed by the Identity Service, and directs this data to all Corda Network nodes.
Notary Service: Corda style does the separation of correctness agreement from individuality agreement, and this way the latter is equipped with one or additional functionary Services. The functionary will than digitally sign a group action given thereto, only if no group action concerning any of the similar inputs has been antecedently signed by the functionary, and therefore the group action timestamp is among bounds.
Support Service: The Support Service is offered to participants and business network operators to help manage and resolve inquiries and incidents with reference to the above-mentioned services.