Service Fabric Processor Preview Is Available Now

The next generation Azure Event Hubs .NET Standard Service Fabric Processor library integrates Event Hub event consumption with Service Fabric.

Recenty, Microsoft announced the availablity of the Service Fabric Processor library, currently in preview, which integrates Event Hub event consumption with Service Fabric.
According to the company, this library uses Service Fabric's facilities for managing partitions, reliable storage, and more sophisticated load balancing. And at the same time, it also offers a simple programming interface which is similar to Event Processor Host.
Service Fabric Processor 
Source: Microsoft 
To make use of Service Fabric, the Service Fabric application in which it runs must have the same number of partitions as that of the Event Hub from which it consumes. James Birdsall, Software Engineer at Microsoft Azure, explained that this allows a simple one-on-one mapping of Event Hub partitions to application partitions, and helps Service Fabric in distributing the load most effectively.
To learn more, you can visit the official announcement here.