Stratis Announces Q4 Roadmap

Recently, Stratis, the creator of Stratis Platform and STRAT cryptocurrency, a C# and .NET based blockchain product for enterprises, has made an announcement regarding its product roadmap for the fourth quarter of the year 2018. With this announcement, the company also provides the information regarding the features that were included in the roadmap such as major product production releases and updates.
The company is expecting to have production releases of its products which include Stratis Full Node, Smart Contracts, Sidechains, ICO platform, Core, DLT, and other products.
Stratis, Q4 Roadmap
Source: Stratis
Let's Briefly Discuss the Company's Production Release:
1. Stratis Full Node
It will be delivered as a production-ready release which allows the company to embark on moving to a full C# Mainnet network.
2. Sidechains
It will be deployable on the Stratis Mainnet allowing other companies to create their own customized sidechains off the company's main chain.
3. Smart Contracts
The Smart Contracts in C# will allow the development as well as the deployment of Smart Contracts in C# onto Stratis sidechains.
4. ICO Platform
Several new features are integrated into the ICO Platform based on previous feedbacks received from organizations and also as part of our ongoing product development.
5. Cold Staking
The implementation of this feature on the roadmap will enable the company's holders to stake their balance in a cold-wallet.
6. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
This feature is required for the large majority of private institutions.
7. Core
It will help in updating the production-ready instance of the Full Node. This will replace the existing StratisX (QT) staking wallet.
8. Breeze
This feature will be updated with additional features and will utilize for the production-ready instance of the Stratis Full Node.
9. Academy
It is for creating more content on the Academy allowing organizations and developers to gain a wider understanding regarding how they can build on top of the Stratis Platform.
10. Breeze Privacy Protocol for STRAT
Following the successful release of the Breeze Privacy Protocol for Bitcoin, the company will also be delivering the same functionality for the STRAT. This feature will enable its users to increase their anonymity when communicating with the Stratis token.
To learn more, you can read the official announcement