Visual Studio App Center Integrates with PlayFab

Microsoft has announced a preview release of the Visual Studio App Center Integration with PlayFab, bringing App Center diagnostics data into PlayFab.

To offer a shared experience, bringing new capabilities to its customers, Microsoft is integrating its Visual Studio App Center with PlayFab(a complete backend of services for building and growing cloud connected games).
This will provide you with even more rich data at your control as you maintain and monitor your game.
You can select and authorize the apps in App Center you wish to connect to your PlayFab title. Crash data appears in the new Diagnostics tab under your title in PlayFab. It shows frequency over time, a list of the crashes and other details. Selecting an individual crash will take you back to App Center, where you can get the full stack trace, affected devices and all other details available in App Center.
Integrating your App to PlayFab
The company said that there is much more to come in the near future as this work is only the commencement of the collaboration between App Center and PlayFab. Coming next, the team is working on per-player crash reporting and integration with PlayStream events, to allow you to react to crashes affecting players in real-time, segment them into groups and create targeted messaging. Additionally, this will also enable you to extend promotional offers, grant virtual in-app currency and more.
To learn more, you can visit the official announcement here.