Vuforia SDK For Microsoft HoloLens Now Commercially Available

Earlier this year, Microsoft at the Build has announced Vuforia, which is among the world’s most popular platforms for AR development, and it will support Microsoft HoloLens through its 275,000 developers. Vuforia has introduced a really important capability to HoloLens, which is the power to connect experiences so as to specify things in the environment. It was just last month when Microsoft aspired to empower a new wave of creativity, and to enable it through 3D along with mixed reality for everyone. Vuforia has now taken a step further and its SDK is now commercially available to the public.
Microsoft in its official blog states,
“We’ve continued to see the ways that Microsoft HoloLens is disrupting and transforming industries, enabling solutions that were previously nonexistent. When used in HoloLens, these 3D visualizations can easily be expanded and transported to actual size in any environment, providing a more immersive and realistic visualization experience. These types of experiences have the potential to reduce – or even eliminate – dependence on manuals used by technicians.”
Vuforia brings an important capability to HoloLens, which is the power to connect AR experiences to specific images and objects in the environment. You will be able to use the capability so as to overlay guided step by step instructions, which are present on top of the machinery, or you can also add digital features to a physical product.
Enterprise developers will now be able to use VuMarks to uniquely identify each piece of machinery on the factory floor. The VuMarks are scalable into billions and it can easily be designed so as to look quite similar to the company logo. The company feels that, “they are the ideal solution for adding AR to any product that HoloLens can see.”
The existing Vuforia apps which have been built for phones and tablets can now be easily configured in Unity in order to run on HoloLens. You will now be able to use Vuforia so as to take your new HoloLens apps to Windows 10 tablets, like the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.
It supports the following versions:
  • Visual Studio 2015 (update 2 recommended)
  • Unity HoloLens Technical Preview 5.4.0 Beta 14 or 16 (32 & 64bit)
The above versions of Visual Studio and Unity first need to be installed and then configure Unity to use Visual Studio and the preferred IDE and compiler. You will also need to install Visual Studio tools for Unity.
However, it is really important that when you are installing Unity, be sure that you install the Windows Store platform along with the .NET Scripting Back-end. The Windows Store components can easily be installed later from the Build Settings dialog when the Windows Store platform is selected.