Web Chat 4.2 Now Supports Cognitive Services

Recently, the Azure team unveiled the latest version of Web chat i.e. 4.2, which now supports the new Cognitive Services.

Recently, the Azure team has released Web chat 4.2. This version supports the new Cognitive Services.
 Web chat 4.2 Supports Cognitive ServicesSource: Microsoft
According to the Azure team, Bot Framework SDK version 4.2 support the new Cognitive Services, such as - Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech, directly in Web Chat 4.2. 
The team has also added a few samples including backchannel injection and minimize mode, where Backchannel injection shows how to add sideband data to outgoing activities. One can leverage this method to send browser language and time zone information along with the messages sent by the user; And minimize mode sample describes loading method for Web Chat on-demand and how to overlay it on top of your existing web page.
To know more, you can visit the Web Chat 4.2 changelog here or you can go through the official announcement.

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