Windows 10 coming on July 29

Microsoft has finally announced July 29 as the exact date of Windows 10 launch.

Microsoft has finally announced July 29 as the exact date of Windows 10 launch. Existing Windows customers will get a free upgrade. You may reserve your free upgrade today here:
Windows 10 has many new features and upgrades including Start menu, new browser, cortana and much more. Watch the following Windows 10 feature highlights video to learn more. 
Here are some other features introduced in Windows 10:
The Start Menu 
The Start Menu is back with faster startup and resume. Windows 10 is secure with a free anti-malware protection, Windows Defender. Also considered secure than other platforms since it is the only platform with a commitment to deliver free ongoing security updates. These security updates will be supported till the lifetime of the device. 
It is the world’s first personal digital assistant. Cortana provides recommendation, fast access to information, reminders, etc. Cortana experience is not only limited to PC, but will also help on your smartphone.
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge is a new browser with features such as built-in commenting system on the web, sharing comments and a reading view that makes easier and faster reading of websites content.
Office on Windows
The creation of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint has become easier with touch-first experience. The touch-first controls in Excel allows you to easily create and edit word documents, deliver PowerPoint presentations, create and update spreadsheets in Excel without using keyboard and mouse.
Sync through OneDrive 
The designs of Music, People, Maps, Mail, Calendar apps have been updated. Sync with OneDrive allows you to start and save something on one device and continue it on another.
Windows Continuum
This allows the laptop to transform from one form factor to the other such as transition of our tablet into a pc, and back. Additionally, to make your phone work like a PC, new Windows Phones with Continuum can be connected to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard.
Windows Hello
Biometric authentication now with easier integration through face, iris, or finger, this is for instant recognition. It lets you log in without a password and will give an instant and secure access to your Windows 10 device.
Windows Store
It has now come with global payment methods and easier installation/uninstallation of trusted applications.
Free Windows 10 upgrade can now be reserved through a simple reservation process. Find the following icon in your system tray at the bottom of your screen and click on it. After that, complete the registration process. For more on this, visit the details on how it works.
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