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  • Interactive Shaped Forms5/19/2012 3:41:41 AM. This Demo show how to create shaped form and customized buttons using Region, GraphicsPath and picture control and using picture control to play animate pictures.
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  • Graphics using GDI+1/31/2007 7:20:45 AM. This sample project shows how to draw various graphics objects on a Form using GDI+ objects.
  • The Graphics Class and Transformations1/31/2007 5:58:17 AM. The Graphics class defined the transformation related functionality. This article discussed the Graphics class and its members that participate in transformation process.
  • Rotation Sample12/26/2005 10:55:12 PM. After reading Mike Golds article on transforms I thought I would get things moving a bit!
  • ShapedForms in C#12/26/2005 7:31:38 AM. Today Windows always appear with a rectangular shape. What if you could have a window that was shaped like a circle, a square or a triangle or any shape you want.
  • Spiro Designer12/26/2005 5:00:45 AM. Spiro designer is a partial implementation of Spirograph. Spiro Designer uses the Matrix and GraphicsPath classes with their Transform and Rotate methods to build a spiro.
  • Working with Drawing Class12/26/2005 1:36:41 AM. This article gives an overview to work with drawing and printing class. It explains how to use various methods in the drawing and printing class.
  • Using Transforms with GDI+ in C#12/23/2005 2:23:39 AM. Transforms are matrices that allow you to rotate and translate your graphics shapes. In this example we are going to rotate a very powerful element in C# called the GraphicsPath.
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