Splitting Actions and Setting Action Properties in Testing

We can split an action into parent-child nested actions or into two sibling actions. When we split an action, the second action starts from the step that is selected when you perform the split action operation.


How to split an action

  1. Go to that step from which we want the new action to start.
  2. Right-click the step and choose Action > Split or choose Edit > Action > Split Action. It opens the Split Action dialog box.
  3. Now choose either the option Independent of each other (which splits the action into two sibling actions) or Nested (parent-child action in which the child action is called by the last step of the child action).
  4. We can also modify the name and description of two actions using Name and Description boxes.


Setting Action Properties

Using the Action properties dialog box we can define options for the already stored action. We can add or modify description, modify action name, and make the action as reusable. We can also define input and output parameters to be used by the action, and for an external action, we can set object repository definitions and Data Table.


We can open an action properties dialog box during editing the test or during recording by right-clicking an action node in the Keyword View and selecting action properties or by choosing Edit > Action > Action Properties from the Keyword View when an action node is highlighted or from the expert view.


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