Accessing a Project's Fisheye Changesets in JIRA Tool in Testing

JIRA's "Changeset" report allows users to view where a JIRA issue key belonging to the project was referenced in the commit message for a project. A user using a source-code repository together with Atlassian Fisheye user can:

  • View the "Activity Statistics" on lines-of-code, issue or author, files or commits for the project.
  • View all the "Recent Changesets" for all repository changesets across the entire project.
  • Search the FishEye repository that is linked to the JIRA project currently being browsed by the user.

Viewing the changeset activity

The changeset activity for a project can be viewed using the following:

  1. Click on the "Projects" link on the top navigation bar. The user's current project will open.
  2. Click on the "Source" tab on the leftside of the page.


    The recent changesets (where a JIRA issue key belonging to the project was referenced in the commit message) for the user's project will be displayed. By default, the user will see a listing of the most recent changesets for a project.


The user can also view the Activity Statistics on lines of code, Commits or Files for the project, by clicking on the "Statistics" link.



The Activity Statistics for the project will display.

If the user wants to see the above two sets of information together, he can click on the "All" link to view it all on a single page.

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