Introduction to JIRA Tool in Testing

After Installing JIRA (A bug tracking tool) we have to login to use it as an authenticated user for security.

Many JIRA instances have permissions that restrict users and user groups from accessing some issues and issue actions. Some JIRA instances are restricted for anonymous access altogether. In these cases, we have to login to JIRA.

The Login panel displays on the System Dashboard. It has the three sections:

  1. Logging into JIRA: To login to JIRA, enter your "Username" and "word" and click on the "Log In" button.
    Checking the "Remember my login on this computer" checkbox will prevent you from being automatically logged out (after some time) from JIRA. But, your session will not be preserved, e.g. the current project, last search, etc.

  2. Reset your word: To reset your word, click on the "Forgot word" link. The Reset word page will display.


    Enter "Username" and your new word will be emailed to the email address which is specified in your JIRA user profile. If you forgot your email address also, you will need to contact your JIRA administrator for further assistance . 


  3. Signing up for an account: If you dont have any user account and if the JIRA administrator has allowed public signup, you can create your own user account by clicking on the "Signup" link in the "Not a member? Signup for an account" text. Enter all the personal details and click on the "Sign up" button, your account will be created.

    JIRA-sign up.jpg

Exploring the JIRA workspace

The Dashboard is the first page you will see when you will login to JIRA. It consists of the three sections:

  1. The navigation bar (at the top of the screen): this navigation bar is the same on every page in JIRA. It consists of several links providing quick access to many of the JIRA's most useful functions.
  2. Name of your JIRA system (e.g. Varesh_JIRA in my case).
  3. The main section of the screen, below the top navigation bar; this section can be customized to display various types of information, depending on your areas of interest.


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