Wiki Page Application in SharePoint


Today, in this article let's play around with one of the interesting and most useful concepts in SharePoint 2010.

What is a Wiki Page?

In simple terms "It is a publishing site which provides a platform for sharing and updating large volume of enterprise information".

I think we are now good to go and implement this wonderful concept.

Step 1. Open SharePoint Server 2010 and navigate to central administration. Click on manage web applications. Navigate to any site created previously.

SharePoint Server 2010

Step 2. In the site collection, create an enterprise wiki.

Site collection


Step 3. The Wiki page created confirmation is showing with a navigation link.

  Wiki page created confirmation

Step 4. The Wiki page looks like this.

Wiki page looks

Step 5. Edit the page as the main home page.

Editing tools

Home page

Step 6. Wiki page 1 creation.

Wiki page 1

Wiki page 2

Step 7. Wiki page 1 is created. Editing wiki page 1.

Editing wiki page1

Step 8. Navigate to the main home wiki page. Click on wiki page 2 for creation.

Navigate to the main home

Step 9. Wiki page 2 is created. Editing wiki page 2.

Editing wiki page 2

Step 10. Navigate to the main home wiki page. Click on the wiki page 3 for creation.

New page

Step 11. Wiki page 3 is created. Editing wiki page 3.

Editing wiki page 3

Step 12. The main home wiki page looks like this.


Step 13. Click on-site actions in the main home wiki page and choose site settings.

Site settings

Step 14. Select navigation from the site settings.

Select navigation

Step 15. Check the checkbox show page.


Step 16. Pages can be placed on the top or at the bottom as per user accessibility.

User accessibility

Step 17. The complete wiki page application looks like this.

Complete wiki page application

I hope this article is useful for you.

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